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GlassLined  Equipment Services
Vessels -  Agitators - Baffles - Dip Tubes - Covers - Manways - Centrifuge -  Columns
Emergency GlassLined Equipment Repair  
We service all makes including Pfaudler, DeDietrich, Taiji, Estrella, Tycon and Ceramic Coating.  From small spalls in the glass
to extensive glass damage, we are prepared 24 hours a day to install repairs on the glass lining of your vessel or vessel's
accessories.  Conway Mechanical, Inc. stocks all types of repair materials:     
In Stock: Tantalum, Teflon, Hastelloy, Carpenter 20, Stainless
Nozzle Liners - Repair Plugs - Outside Sleeves - Inside/Outside Sleeves -
Manway Repair Shields - FEP Agitator Boots - FEP Sleeves - Materials for Custom Repairs
In many cases we can assess the damage and repair the glass immediately.  
We fabricate custom repairs on site.
Our technicians are ASME Code Certified Welders; if there is any metal corrosion beneath the damaged glass, we can perform
a Code Repair and supply and Authorized Inspector.  We have fully equipped service trucks and are supplied with our own
Welding equipment.
Glass Lining Tests & Maintenance
Our technicians are fully trained in Confined Space Entry; we will Spark Test the glass to detect any pinholes or damage in the
glass lining.  
Glass Thickness Testing and UltraSonic Thickness Testing are also available.
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