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Experts In GlassLined Equipment Repair
From pinholes, glass spalls or extensive glass damage, we stock and install the materials necessary to repair your vessel glass lining.  In many cases we
will assess the damage and repair the glass immediately.  We are experts in Pfaudler repair and DeDietrich repair.
Tantalum: Plugs, Patches, Sleeves, Inside/Outside Shields, Nozzle Liners, Bottom Nozzle repairs and Custom Tantalum repairs.  
Teflon: Manway repairs, Inside/Outside sleeves, FEP Agitator Boots, FEP Sleeves, Bottom Nozzle repairs.
Hastelloy, Carpenter 20 and Stainless Steel repairs and materials are also available.
We are Confined Space Certified for Spark testing, glass mapping & Glass thickness testing
ASME Code Certified Welding - Repairs and Alterations on Pressure Vessels
Mechanical Seals, Agitator Seals, Pump Seals
On your site or at our shop, Conway Mechanical repairs and services agitator seals for drive makes such as: Cone Gear®, Chemineer®, Ceramic
Coating®, DeDietrich
®, Lightnin'®, Pfaudler®, Philadelphia® and more.  New, complete seal assemblies are in stock as well as all of the components for
rebuilding your seal.  New seal prices are discounted when the customer exchanges their old, damaged seals with purchase.  CMI has many years
experience in Pfaudler repair and DeDietrich repair.
Glass Lined Parts  In Stock
Glass lined Equipment Repair Sales:  New, Reglassed and Used Glass lined Equipment in stock - Complete Chemical Reactors, Vessel Bodies, Covers,
Agitators, Baffles, Dip Tubes, h Baffle, Protection Rings, Manway Covers, Valves, Centrifuge, Glass Spiral Condensers, 50 gallon Pfaudler® Agitator,  
DeDietrich® Baffle, Pfaudler® Wfe & more...
Other Parts In Stock: Lubricators, Manway Spring Assist Assemblies, Sight Glasses, Teflon Envelope CRT gaskets for Top Heads, Manways &
Nozzles, Tantalum RTD Sensors, Teflon Envelope CRT Gaskets
Gear Reducers/Gear Drives/Gear Boxes
Chemineer®, Cone Gear®, Lightnin'®, Philadelphia Mixer®, Pfaudler® New and Old Styles.  Sales, Installation & Change out, Repair, Reconditioning.
We are highly skilled in Pfaudler Repair and DeDietrich Repair.
Rigging Services
CMI has the experience and capabilities to install and remove chemical reactors, pharmaceutical reactors, drive systems, agitators and baffles.  We
move big things from small spaces.
Ceramic Coating Company
Although the CCC is no longer in business, many companies still use their equipment.  In addition to  glass lined agitators, baffles, covers, protection
rings and gear boxes, CMI keeps spare parts in stock to repair CCC agitator seals and gear drives.  We supply old style seal housing gaskets. Call
Conway Mechanical for glass lined equipment repair sales.
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Conway Mechanical, Inc. has an "R" Stamp; we are certified by the NBIC (National Board Inspection Code) to perform ASME Code Welding:
ASME Code Repairs:  Small or large wasted areas on the vessel body or jacket, hole through damage, leaks, diaphragm ring replacement, etc.
Alterations: CMI is qualified to add/install or remove nozzles, install vessel side supports, lifting lugs, etc.
Non-Destructive Testing: Testing of new or existing welds.
Custom Fabrications: We will work together with our Engineer to meet your custom requirements.
Ultrasonic Thickness Measuring: Find out the thickness of the vessel body, jacket or the glass lining of the vessel.
Conway Mechanical, Inc. has the experience and qualifications to provide Repair and Maintenance for all types
of glass lined pressure vessels, storage tanks and accessories made by Pfaudler®, DeDietrich®, Taiji®,
Tycon®, Estrella®, Ceramic Coating® and more.  Chemical & Pharmaceutical companies in the United States,
Canada and the Caribbean have trusted CMI for many years for our expertise and diversified capabilities in
glass lined equipment repair and sales.  Our 24 hour emergency service and preventive maintenance programs
keep equipment running efficiently with minimal down-time.  Call today to find out how we can help you.
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Glass lined equipment repair sales including Pfaudler repair, DeDietrich repair, Tantalum repairs and more. We can provide repair and maintenance for all types of glass lined pressure vessels.